Off Season Track and Field Workouts for Sprinters


Track and field might look like a simple run and jump type of sport for some. The truth is that it really demands an athlete to be in great shape. A sprinter should have dedication to his craft. He cannot simply let go of his physical training and fitness routine when it’s off-season. He needs to make sure that he maintains his speed, endurance, stamina, and strength. To help him do this, there are off season track and field workouts for sprinters.

The right exercises help sprinters to be in perfect condition during the regular season. There are differences between working out during peak season and off season though. A sprinter should avoid draining his or herself too much during the off season to avoid unnecessary accidents or injuries.

The off season is the best time to prepare for competition season. As a sprinter, the key is to be in great shape and condition. This is the time to build confidence to complete the more challenging skill specific workouts for the regular season. You want to build acceleration, speed, resistance, and endurance during the off season.

  • You can increase your speed through running drills of 5×50 meters with 3 minutes of recovery time. Increase your distance and decrease the number of repetition with a ratio of 1:2 weekly, while maintaining the recovery time. Do this once a week.
  • To increase your acceleration, you can perform the same running drills but with shorter distances and more repetitions.       Doing 8×30 meter sprints with 3 minutes of recovery time is recommended once a week.
  • For resistance building, you might want to run uphill, use a treadmill with an increasing level of climb. You can do drills of 5×50 meters with 3 minutes of recovery time. Do this once a week.
  • To build endurance, more distance with more repetitions is what you need. An 8×100 meter drill will do. Start with 50% of your speed then try to increase it by 10% every 10 meters. Do this once a week also.
  • To increase your strength and durability, you can do some weight lifting before finishing your day.


Do these exercises weekly, allotting one day per drill. These off season track and field workouts for sprinters will help keep you in shape for more intense workouts during the regular season.

Remember to always spend one day to rest and relax your mind and body. Too much of everything is bad. You have the rest of the pre season and regular season for more intense workouts. It’s important to always be relaxed and come prepared in every competition.