Advantages of Doing Sprinting Drills

Research has confirmed that sprinting drills included in a workout routine have positive effects. Sprinting is a brief full-speed run that lasts for a minute or less and it is said to offer many health benefits when compared to slow and prolonged aerobic workouts. It is said to increase the aerobic and anaerobic capacities of a person.

One of the advantages of sprinting is an increased cardio capacity because it pushes one’s anaerobic threshold. It provides a more difficult workout as compared to a steady and slow cardiovascular exercise. When a distance runner includes sprinting in his workout, he can increase his speed. Athletes can also enhance their quickness when playing sports such as soccer and baseball.


Another advantage of sprinting is weight loss and enhanced strength. It lessens body fat and toughens a person more as compared to the usual aerobic exercise. This is because sprinting utilizes the muscles’ optimum degree. When one sprints for ten seconds or less, he activates the fibers of his fast-twitch muscles. Such fibers actually become bigger when they are activated thus giving a person a very muscular appearance like those of sprinters in track-and-field. Sprinting also naturally enhances human growth hormone (HGH) that is vital for both sexes. When HGH is increased, it builds muscle mass, promotes weight loss, and improves the immune system.

When sprinting drills are included in one’s workout routine, he achieves good cardiovascular health. This is because the heart is strengthened when there is an immediate surge of intense running prior to periods of recovery.  The latter does not stress the heart the way slow and lengthy cardiovascular workouts do. In addition, sprinting takes up only a brief period and is very enjoyable as compared to the usual cardiovascular workout. According to research, speed and endurance are both increased when sprints are included in a workout regimen. A study was done wherein recreational exercisers included in their usual exercise regimen sprinting while riding a stationary bike. When these cyclists performed 6 sessions of half-a-minute flat-out sprints which were broken up into recovery periods for a half-a-month workout period, their endurance time doubled. This signified that the strength of their lungs and hearts increased.

In order to sprint properly and achieve its health benefits, one must do sprinting of fifty to one hundred yards. This should be broken up by 1 to 2-minute rest periods of walking and not jogging. This should be repeated five to ten times. The amount of sprint distance one should achieve should be from four hundred to eight hundred yards. If he reaches a time where he cannot sprint flat-out, he must end his exercise regimen.

Sprinting drills may be performed twice or thrice weekly but this depends on one’s exercise regimen on other days. If he is older or is just beginning to exercise again, he should begin slowly and then achieve gradually a full sprint exercise for weeks or months. He must also get the approval of his physician prior to starting a new workout routine.

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