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Off Season Track and Field Workouts for Sprinters


Track and field might look like a simple run and jump type of sport for some. The truth is that it really demands an athlete to be in great shape. A sprinter should have dedication to his craft. He cannot simply let go of his physical training and fitness routine when it’s off-season. He needs to make sure that he maintains his speed, endurance, stamina, and strength. To help him do this, there are off season track and field workouts for sprinters.

The right exercises help sprinters to be in perfect condition during the regular season. There are differences between working out during peak season and off season though. A sprinter should avoid draining his or herself too much during the off season to avoid unnecessary accidents or injuries.

The off season is the best time to prepare for competition season. As a sprinter, the key is to be in great shape and condition. This is the time to build confidence to complete the more challenging skill specific workouts for the regular season. You want to build acceleration, speed, resistance, and endurance during the off season.

  • You can increase your speed through running drills of 5×50 meters with 3 minutes of recovery time. Increase your distance and decrease the number of repetition with a ratio of 1:2 weekly, while maintaining the recovery time. Do this once a week.
  • To increase your acceleration, you can perform the same running drills but with shorter distances and more repetitions.       Doing 8×30 meter sprints with 3 minutes of recovery time is recommended once a week.
  • For resistance building, you might want to run uphill, use a treadmill with an increasing level of climb. You can do drills of 5×50 meters with 3 minutes of recovery time. Do this once a week.
  • To build endurance, more distance with more repetitions is what you need. An 8×100 meter drill will do. Start with 50% of your speed then try to increase it by 10% every 10 meters. Do this once a week also.
  • To increase your strength and durability, you can do some weight lifting before finishing your day.


Do these exercises weekly, allotting one day per drill. These off season track and field workouts for sprinters will help keep you in shape for more intense workouts during the regular season.

Remember to always spend one day to rest and relax your mind and body. Too much of everything is bad. You have the rest of the pre season and regular season for more intense workouts. It’s important to always be relaxed and come prepared in every competition.

Best workouts to increase Speed


In one’s quest for health and endurance, different exercises mean achieving optimum benefits when you talk about speed and cardiovascular advantages. Not to mention muscle resistance, specific exercises can cater to these needs. Several workouts to increase speed are also introduced to achieve balance and good foundation. Getting in shape means targeting the body’s muscular functions where endurance is achievable at its maximum.


One of the best forms of exercise to manage this is sprint training. Aside from body exercises, this is considered one of the most effective means to obtain endurance and speed. This offers several advantages especially for someone who wants to burn fat, increase resistance and improve cardiovascular functions.

Run-play workout can facilitate this type of exercise too. This is composed of warm ups and running drills including sprinting which can either be done in the outdoor field, parks and tracks. Managed individually or through groups, this type of workout is perfect for enhancing the mobility and power of someone who indulges in this type of exercise. Introducing this to a regular routine is helpful as it is one of the most effective workouts to increase speed.

If you want to build speed, Mile Repeats can be made once a week. This aims to manage aerobic capacity and works to improve your pace during racing. This is managed by running at one’s own pace or following a specific pace and distance. Your efficiency is therefore strong and you can pursue different types of exercises at a manageable level.

If you want to perform short-term endurance, a one to three minutes increase in threshold works out best for this through anaerobic exercise. It differs on the aerobic training in terms of speed as the body only utilizes energy from low to moderate intensity compared to a high intensity level training made using the anaerobic process.

Mixing up some routines is a great way to maximize benefits and potentials for strength and stamina. Swimming, going for runs, and playing other outdoor sports can help you achieve better stamina leading to a healthier option for you in the long run. It is advantageous when you incorporate some of these activities to gain strength and work in implementing strategies to achieve physical goals. Stretching is also done in order to increase agility and build endurance in return.

It’s not only on the proper training that you invest well to obtain endurance. Getting the right nutritional elements you need matters a lot too. One must ensure that there is balance when it comes to carbohydrate, protein and fat intake when aiming to achieve speed and endurance all in one. It makes everything work out to achieve stronger and healthier health combinations brought about by getting the right nutrition needs for your body.

These types of exercises work massive ways in delivering stamina and endurance to the body. These are also considered the most commonly used workouts to increase speed and help you achieve your physical goals. Performing these specific exercises can indeed contribute to a healthy lifestyle with more options for flexibility.


How Sprint Training Shapes Your Body

A physically fit body can ward off any health problems and complications. One cannot stress enough the relevance of exercise in people’s daily activities. Hence, any form of exercise such as participating in sprinters training brings strength and increases the metabolic rate of the body. Considered as one of the most amazing workouts that you can perform, this is one form of exercise that is becoming widely popular among people who want to stay in great shape.

If you have always dreamed of achieving sculpted legs and abs, then this is considered a great form of exercise to do. Training for sprinters targets specific parts of the body such as the hips, calves, buttocks, and abs. The flexibility to perform this indoors or outside the gym makes it one of the most sought-after forms of exercise among celebrities too.

As it works to build body shape, it also contributes to the lengthening of arm muscles, making them lean-looking. As a form of resistance training, this is also a good alternative to leg exercises. Before doing this type of training, a warm-up is advisable to avoid injury and severe stress due to the high impact that sprinters training brings. This is a thorough combination of workout where one leads to another in achieving a good form.

There are different things that you need to remember before and after performing this kind of training. Although a warm-up can prevent strain and injury, it is still necessary for you to warm down in order to avoid cramps. If you successfully incorporate this in your workout sessions, this can definitely burn fat more quickly, work in forming abs, and build legs including glutes. The most important benefit of all is this will increase your body’s metabolic rate.

A good sprinter needs to have good balance and posture to gain a faster rate of speed while using up only less energy. The idea is to keep your body relaxed while you are running. Other alternatives such as running up and down stairs and bleachers definitely builds the stamina and endurance needed to successfully perform these types of exercises. While improving your aerobic capacity, this can also benefit you in terms of cardiovascular circulation.

If you are looking for the best drive to improve your speed and agility, then this is the best form of exercise for you. The efficiency of the muscles is also enhanced leading to performance benefits.  This also leads to better strategies for improving and dealing with intense movement in the most effective way that the person can handle. When intense movement is followed, it is also important to stay safe while doing these activities. Pushing yourself too hard and too far may just make it more stressful for you in the process.

A sprinters training is a perfect alternative to other forms of exercise that may bore you in the process. Enjoyment in doing this is needed to manage and ensure that it works out best to provide the intended physical benefits.




The Best Sprint Training Workouts

Faster speed in dealing with exercise comes in the form of sprint training workouts. For the purpose of reducing stress levels in the body, some of these workouts are geared towards increasing the metabolic rate of the body too. If this is managed accordingly, this can therefore lead to toned muscles and a greater shape in body and form. Today, there are numerous types of sprint exercises that can facilitate the purpose of achieving a whole new level and form of exercise.

One form of workout is lunge jumps. This is considered as one of the most effective ways to improve the cardiovascular functions of the body. It does not require any equipment to do which serves as its advantage. Done when one is in a standing position, one leg is moved forward and the other leg back. The arms are held in a ready position and elbows are also in a bent position of ninety degrees. One arm must be in the front body while the other at the back, the knee is bent then and lunged while preparing to jump.

Line hops also increase your speed. Using an imaginary line, you need to have your feet stand together on just one side and work in bouncing back and forth on this line as fast as you can. Stretching of the arms is also done in the process. This aims to work in balancing one’s body to achieve optimum performance with feet that must always be kept close together.

If you are focusing on hamstrings and the glutes, straight leg bounds are the best form of sprint exercise for you. Keeping the legs in a straight position, the legs are being stretched forward as far as possible into the ground. This is one of the forms of sprint training workouts that helps obtain stride strength and length. One must swing his arms while having to run in just a normal pace.

Sprint for height is another form of exercise that requires you to skip as high as you can with your knees raised in a high position as possible. The goal here is to obtain as much height as possible. This is also considered as a good way to manage any leg strength deficiencies affecting the person through this form of workout. It works to extend the drive of the person where there is muscle strength gained in performing this exercise.


The different sprint training workouts are ideal for increasing strength and agility. Offering an advantage not just in burning calories, it works to help in storing more energy and calories within the body. These strengthening activities are great in helping one add strength to muscles and help reach personal goals in physical fitness. As a way of increasing strength in the bones, building muscle tissues are achievable using this type of workout. When the body receives more energy, it becomes more possible to perform different tasks. It also contributes to a healthy and fit lifestyle needed to perform and manage the different activities you need to do every day.

Helpful Tips on How to Sprint Faster

Those who aim for physical fitness especially athletes know the importance of sprinting to obtain endurance. Speed is an important component of a workout because it gives agility and long-lasting strength. Like lifting heavy weights, the intense nature of speed training promises positive results when one goes faster and faster with each cycle. Muscle strength builds speed and favors cardiovascular conditions in return. That is why it is important to learn the steps on how to sprint faster.

A sprinting workout can be done as an individual process or it can be incorporated into an existing workout. It is advisable though to perform a sprinting workout alone so one can thoroughly focus on building speed and perform sprinting. There are basic steps on how to sprint faster and each step offers gradual preparation for a more intense level of building speeds while performing different exercises geared for this process.


One of the basic ways on how to sprint faster is to do some warm-ups. You can run two laps around the track. Pure jogging is done during the first lap while running can come next. It is important to focus on these two activities first. You should avoid sprinting yet as there is still a need to do some warm-ups and preparatory activities in the process.

Next, stretching must be done. There are many reasons why you need to include this before you sprint. You can spend around five minutes in stretching your body parts. In this way, cramps and injuries are avoided. This does not only apply to running but also in performing different kinds of exercises as well. Your body also becomes more flexible.

Stretching conditions and prepares the muscles for any kind of activity whether it is a light or strenuous one. It reduces muscle pain while maintaining good circulation and supply of oxygen in the body. Overall, it improves athletic performance, thus leading one to drive and manage overall strength.

Lastly, after you have done the first two steps, you can work on some drills in your routine. The types of exercise you can incorporate are long strides and different arm drills that allow you to reach a specific leap and step to as far as you can get. Jogging and shifting gears while doing this completes your overall activities while improving your circulation and doing low to high intensity workout activities. Oxygen flow is therefore taken care of, thus leading to positive health results.

Strong and firm muscles are some of the goals on why you need to know how to sprint faster. The secret to achieving this also lies with the varying sprints needed to test one’s endurance and provide a manageable way to aim for better speed given the opportunity. After these activities are done, it is also necessary to think of proper relaxation methods in order to cool down and ease tension and fatigue. Speed training is therefore an essential factor in making sure that endurance is also achieved during the entire process.

Useful Tips on How to Increase Running Speed

Running is considered a dominant and one of the most popular forms of exercise. If you aim for toned muscles and legs including hips and abdomen, this is the most suitable way to achieve it. Intense workouts may require variations of speed and thus, you may need to know how to increase running speed in order to achieve the stamina, endurance and agility that you long for.

Any history of stress on the joints and bones must be checked first by a physician. This is to avoid any complications. It is important to ensure that you’re physically fit before embarking on these types of exercise that may add strain to your condition.

Skip jump starting to a strenuous workout and start small. It is best to start on a slow pace first and jog for around fifteen minutes. Keeping in shape does not provide overnight results, but it is necessary to set weekly goals to achieve.  You can simply build up on this slowly but progressively.

Make sure you’re ready for the run. Wear comfortable shoes that help prevent blisters, sores, and even knee trouble. Your shoes play a vital role in your comfort and safety and thus must be seriously considered all the time. Wear those which have padded materials and flexible inner soles for a comfortable wear.

Aerobic fitness must be taken into consideration first before working on how to increase running speed. A good warm up is all you need to work in activating your muscles and increasing your speed gradually. Slowly, you will reach your fitness peak and this will impact positively your overall rate.

Working on making your muscles lean is important as a part of cross training. Challenges come out as a result of other physical activities that you do to initiate greater speed in the process. Hiking and climbing the rope are good examples of these types of cross trainings to develop overall strength. There must also be variations when it comes to the terrain as it plays an important part in the increase in speed. Locations such as the beach, mountains, and steeps can make the exercise less boring and more challenging in the long run.


Following a fitness plan is important too. Enlisting a coach to help you reach your individual goals is important because he or she will monitor and work on improving your speed and balance every day. Plans provide a good way to measure your daily progress and work towards achieving the goal you always wanted. With professional help, it is easier to manage these goals.

The secret on how to increase running speed is not solely dependent on the lower part of the body but on the upper section too. That is why it is important to always take control and manage the physical activities that you do to perform these specific tasks and ensure that there is balance and consistency in these given workout sessions. Progress is then achieved in a gradual manner but results will show a thorough impact on one’s shape and form.

Training for Sprinters for a Speedy Run

One of the popular and cheapest sports is running because just about anybody can do it. There are, however, people who are born sprinters because they have the capacity to run very fast. If they combine that skill with a healthy nutrition and proper training, their running speed will increase over time. Training for sprinters happens every year and it is done on and off the track.

In order for sprinters to run faster, they must first do some stretching. This will make them avoid injury during training and will strengthen their muscles and be resistant to both exhaustion and pain. All of these will help them gain maximum speed.

In order to sprint fast, one must have good running ability and form. During practice, one should consistently run with the right form so that come race time, this shall become automatic. The shoulders must be relaxed while the torso and head are a bit tilted forward. The hips must be aligned with the torso for a balanced body. The arms must be tucked close to the body at a 90-degree angle and these must be moved straight, quick motions. The arms should not cross the body as this shall ruin the balance and slow down the run. For the body to move forward, the right arm movement must be practiced.


For a runner to enhance sprint time and to propel himself quickly on the track, he must have a quick start. He should practice his fast twitch muscles so as to enhance his reaction time. For the latter to be shortened, he must perform start drills under the guidance of his coach. As he trains his body to pay attention to the signal, his reaction time will be improved.

Training for sprinters should include constant strengthening and weight lifting exercises so that their muscles will be developed and their overall strength will be enhanced. As a rule, sprinters must never lift weights during their teenage years. Endurance workouts and strength training will increase their lung capacity and muscle mass. They should also consume a healthy and proper diet so that their bodies become stronger and their sprinting will be improved.

Sprinters should also perform polymetric exercises as they enhance stamina in the muscles when training them to function at full intensity for longer durations. To avoid hurting their joints, they must perform the said exercises on a proper surface. Such workouts include leaping lunges which involve lunging forward on a leg and then jumping and switching legs for the other leg to move forward when the sprinter comes down. Knee tuck jumps are also included where the sprinter jumps up and lifts his knees very high. For starters, these workouts can be done in sets of ten. The sprinter can do more as he builds up stamina till he cannot anymore control his breathing and he starts to pant heavily.

Training for sprinters also stresses the importance of hydration. Sprinters should always drink plenty of water because their bodies and muscles tend to become dehydrated due to the powerful training techniques and bursts of speed. When they are hydrated, this will make them gain endurance and stamina.

Ways in Maximizing Track and Field Workouts

 Track and field workouts comprise a big chunk of the training of a runner. Athletes like runners utilize specificity, a strategy which states that to improve at something, one has to continuously practice it. If a runner wishes to run a lot faster, he has to practice running speedily. He should do running speed exercises while on the track so that he can perform fast running and have a method to measure his progress easily. It is not enough for him to go to the track and exercise because he has to be prepared with a workout plan before doing anything else.

In order for a runner to maximize his workouts on the track, he has to have a plan. Before he performs any exercise, he first needs to know the kind of exercise he wishes to finish prior to going to the track. If he just goes to the track without a plan, he will not feel motivated or he will feel tired.  Either way, he may easily change his mind about his exercise regimen.


It is important for a runner to be hydrated when he begins his workout. He must drink a lot of water within the day. He has to consume three hundred to five hundred of calories an hour and a half prior to running.

Before and after exercising, a runner must stretch so as to build his strength and stay away from injuries. Stretching shall make him avoid muscle pains and pulls. Prior to working out, he must lightly run some laps around the track as a warm-up and then do some stretching prior to performing the main part of the exercise. This shall prepare his body for intense training. Afterwards, he must lightly and moderately run a couple of laps to cool down before he starts stretching once more so as to stay away from the accumulation of lactic-acid in the muscles. He must also remember to clear his head for a few minutes for him to be able to focus on his exercise regimen.

The runner must then perform his track and field workouts. The actual exercise must be brief and rigorous. If he runs a speed work above three miles, this may prove counterproductive to his objective of building rapidity.

A runner should also concentrate on interval training. This involves running smaller distances speedily that have breaks in between. He must maintain interval training so as to sustain his speed and strength.

Runners must not over train by avoiding hard speed exercises. If they experience loss of appetite, disinterest in exercising, rapid heartbeat in the morning, or constant muscle soreness, this means they are overtrained. They must cease their track and field workouts for about a week. Once they go back to training, they should gradually increase their frequency.

Runners should wear comfy and supportive running shoes so as to avoid injuries. These can be bought at specialty stores for runners and athletes. The shoes should fit the frame, feet, and stride of the user.

Amateurs’ Sprinting Workouts

Sprinting workouts are very effective methods of burning fat and calories and at the same time working out the entire body and toning the leg muscles. These workouts can also be safe for amateurs and beginners even if they can be pretty intensive as long as they gradually work it up. The program should start with brisk walking followed by jogging and then eventually to running and sprinting.

Amateurs are advised to start with a progressive program that has both walking and jogging so that their bodies will easily get into such an activity. The program should be seven weeks long and must start with a half-a-minute period of walking and finish with a five kilometer jog. While the program advances, the amateurs should exchange walking intervals with that of running intervals. If for instance the workout lasts for half an hour, at the mid-point of such a workout, they must walk for half a minute and run for another half a minute. Once they have finished the program, they must do it again by exchanging walking intervals with that of jogging and running intervals with that of sprinting.

Sprinting workouts place more stress on the knees and bring a bigger risk of injuries compared to moderate cardiovascular exercises. Beginners must be careful and consider their safety when sprinting. If they feel pain, they should halt and lessen the intensity of their sprint if they feel any discomfort. In order to stay away from injury, they must stretch, warm up, cool down, drink lots of water, and move at a comfortable pace.


Beginners should go slowly when in a program even if they are tempted to push their bodies to exercise vigorously. Progression is always the safest. They should also save additional energy bursts for future workouts. The principle behind sprinting is to slowly enhance one’s fitness level over time. They should interchange sprinting bursts with walks or jogs. This is called interval training and it enhances aerobic capability and at the same time burns more calories compared to traditional exercises.

Experts advise beginners in sprinting to do a whole workout regimen which has aerobics, stretching, and strength training. Although resistance and strength may not seem vital to sprinters, they are successful in body toning and muscle mass building and these permit sprinting periods very effectively. Professionals also advise that amateurs must perform no less than a couple of strength workouts every week and two hours and thirty minutes of light cardiovascular exercises along with sprinting. They must perform a total of one hour of sprinting every week.

For amateurs to be good in sprinting workouts, they should exercise with experienced runners and sprinters so that they will get sound advice on progression and pacing. These people can give tips on decreasing muscle cramps and making judgments regarding pursuing and ending an exercise. Sprinters should also be hydrated prior to working out and must always have water with them during their programs. They should also stretch regularly and allow their bodies to dictate the time and speed of their workouts.

Advantages of Doing Sprinting Drills

Research has confirmed that sprinting drills included in a workout routine have positive effects. Sprinting is a brief full-speed run that lasts for a minute or less and it is said to offer many health benefits when compared to slow and prolonged aerobic workouts. It is said to increase the aerobic and anaerobic capacities of a person.

One of the advantages of sprinting is an increased cardio capacity because it pushes one’s anaerobic threshold. It provides a more difficult workout as compared to a steady and slow cardiovascular exercise. When a distance runner includes sprinting in his workout, he can increase his speed. Athletes can also enhance their quickness when playing sports such as soccer and baseball.


Another advantage of sprinting is weight loss and enhanced strength. It lessens body fat and toughens a person more as compared to the usual aerobic exercise. This is because sprinting utilizes the muscles’ optimum degree. When one sprints for ten seconds or less, he activates the fibers of his fast-twitch muscles. Such fibers actually become bigger when they are activated thus giving a person a very muscular appearance like those of sprinters in track-and-field. Sprinting also naturally enhances human growth hormone (HGH) that is vital for both sexes. When HGH is increased, it builds muscle mass, promotes weight loss, and improves the immune system.

When sprinting drills are included in one’s workout routine, he achieves good cardiovascular health. This is because the heart is strengthened when there is an immediate surge of intense running prior to periods of recovery.  The latter does not stress the heart the way slow and lengthy cardiovascular workouts do. In addition, sprinting takes up only a brief period and is very enjoyable as compared to the usual cardiovascular workout. According to research, speed and endurance are both increased when sprints are included in a workout regimen. A study was done wherein recreational exercisers included in their usual exercise regimen sprinting while riding a stationary bike. When these cyclists performed 6 sessions of half-a-minute flat-out sprints which were broken up into recovery periods for a half-a-month workout period, their endurance time doubled. This signified that the strength of their lungs and hearts increased.

In order to sprint properly and achieve its health benefits, one must do sprinting of fifty to one hundred yards. This should be broken up by 1 to 2-minute rest periods of walking and not jogging. This should be repeated five to ten times. The amount of sprint distance one should achieve should be from four hundred to eight hundred yards. If he reaches a time where he cannot sprint flat-out, he must end his exercise regimen.

Sprinting drills may be performed twice or thrice weekly but this depends on one’s exercise regimen on other days. If he is older or is just beginning to exercise again, he should begin slowly and then achieve gradually a full sprint exercise for weeks or months. He must also get the approval of his physician prior to starting a new workout routine.