The Best Sprint Training Workouts

Faster speed in dealing with exercise comes in the form of sprint training workouts. For the purpose of reducing stress levels in the body, some of these workouts are geared towards increasing the metabolic rate of the body too. If this is managed accordingly, this can therefore lead to toned muscles and a greater shape in body and form. Today, there are numerous types of sprint exercises that can facilitate the purpose of achieving a whole new level and form of exercise.

One form of workout is lunge jumps. This is considered as one of the most effective ways to improve the cardiovascular functions of the body. It does not require any equipment to do which serves as its advantage. Done when one is in a standing position, one leg is moved forward and the other leg back. The arms are held in a ready position and elbows are also in a bent position of ninety degrees. One arm must be in the front body while the other at the back, the knee is bent then and lunged while preparing to jump.

Line hops also increase your speed. Using an imaginary line, you need to have your feet stand together on just one side and work in bouncing back and forth on this line as fast as you can. Stretching of the arms is also done in the process. This aims to work in balancing one’s body to achieve optimum performance with feet that must always be kept close together.

If you are focusing on hamstrings and the glutes, straight leg bounds are the best form of sprint exercise for you. Keeping the legs in a straight position, the legs are being stretched forward as far as possible into the ground. This is one of the forms of sprint training workouts that helps obtain stride strength and length. One must swing his arms while having to run in just a normal pace.

Sprint for height is another form of exercise that requires you to skip as high as you can with your knees raised in a high position as possible. The goal here is to obtain as much height as possible. This is also considered as a good way to manage any leg strength deficiencies affecting the person through this form of workout. It works to extend the drive of the person where there is muscle strength gained in performing this exercise.


The different sprint training workouts are ideal for increasing strength and agility. Offering an advantage not just in burning calories, it works to help in storing more energy and calories within the body. These strengthening activities are great in helping one add strength to muscles and help reach personal goals in physical fitness. As a way of increasing strength in the bones, building muscle tissues are achievable using this type of workout. When the body receives more energy, it becomes more possible to perform different tasks. It also contributes to a healthy and fit lifestyle needed to perform and manage the different activities you need to do every day.

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