Training for Sprinters for a Speedy Run

One of the popular and cheapest sports is running because just about anybody can do it. There are, however, people who are born sprinters because they have the capacity to run very fast. If they combine that skill with a healthy nutrition and proper training, their running speed will increase over time. Training for sprinters happens every year and it is done on and off the track.

In order for sprinters to run faster, they must first do some stretching. This will make them avoid injury during training and will strengthen their muscles and be resistant to both exhaustion and pain. All of these will help them gain maximum speed.

In order to sprint fast, one must have good running ability and form. During practice, one should consistently run with the right form so that come race time, this shall become automatic. The shoulders must be relaxed while the torso and head are a bit tilted forward. The hips must be aligned with the torso for a balanced body. The arms must be tucked close to the body at a 90-degree angle and these must be moved straight, quick motions. The arms should not cross the body as this shall ruin the balance and slow down the run. For the body to move forward, the right arm movement must be practiced.


For a runner to enhance sprint time and to propel himself quickly on the track, he must have a quick start. He should practice his fast twitch muscles so as to enhance his reaction time. For the latter to be shortened, he must perform start drills under the guidance of his coach. As he trains his body to pay attention to the signal, his reaction time will be improved.

Training for sprinters should include constant strengthening and weight lifting exercises so that their muscles will be developed and their overall strength will be enhanced. As a rule, sprinters must never lift weights during their teenage years. Endurance workouts and strength training will increase their lung capacity and muscle mass. They should also consume a healthy and proper diet so that their bodies become stronger and their sprinting will be improved.

Sprinters should also perform polymetric exercises as they enhance stamina in the muscles when training them to function at full intensity for longer durations. To avoid hurting their joints, they must perform the said exercises on a proper surface. Such workouts include leaping lunges which involve lunging forward on a leg and then jumping and switching legs for the other leg to move forward when the sprinter comes down. Knee tuck jumps are also included where the sprinter jumps up and lifts his knees very high. For starters, these workouts can be done in sets of ten. The sprinter can do more as he builds up stamina till he cannot anymore control his breathing and he starts to pant heavily.

Training for sprinters also stresses the importance of hydration. Sprinters should always drink plenty of water because their bodies and muscles tend to become dehydrated due to the powerful training techniques and bursts of speed. When they are hydrated, this will make them gain endurance and stamina.

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