Useful Tips on How to Increase Running Speed

Running is considered a dominant and one of the most popular forms of exercise. If you aim for toned muscles and legs including hips and abdomen, this is the most suitable way to achieve it. Intense workouts may require variations of speed and thus, you may need to know how to increase running speed in order to achieve the stamina, endurance and agility that you long for.

Any history of stress on the joints and bones must be checked first by a physician. This is to avoid any complications. It is important to ensure that you’re physically fit before embarking on these types of exercise that may add strain to your condition.

Skip jump starting to a strenuous workout and start small. It is best to start on a slow pace first and jog for around fifteen minutes. Keeping in shape does not provide overnight results, but it is necessary to set weekly goals to achieve.  You can simply build up on this slowly but progressively.

Make sure you’re ready for the run. Wear comfortable shoes that help prevent blisters, sores, and even knee trouble. Your shoes play a vital role in your comfort and safety and thus must be seriously considered all the time. Wear those which have padded materials and flexible inner soles for a comfortable wear.

Aerobic fitness must be taken into consideration first before working on how to increase running speed. A good warm up is all you need to work in activating your muscles and increasing your speed gradually. Slowly, you will reach your fitness peak and this will impact positively your overall rate.

Working on making your muscles lean is important as a part of cross training. Challenges come out as a result of other physical activities that you do to initiate greater speed in the process. Hiking and climbing the rope are good examples of these types of cross trainings to develop overall strength. There must also be variations when it comes to the terrain as it plays an important part in the increase in speed. Locations such as the beach, mountains, and steeps can make the exercise less boring and more challenging in the long run.


Following a fitness plan is important too. Enlisting a coach to help you reach your individual goals is important because he or she will monitor and work on improving your speed and balance every day. Plans provide a good way to measure your daily progress and work towards achieving the goal you always wanted. With professional help, it is easier to manage these goals.

The secret on how to increase running speed is not solely dependent on the lower part of the body but on the upper section too. That is why it is important to always take control and manage the physical activities that you do to perform these specific tasks and ensure that there is balance and consistency in these given workout sessions. Progress is then achieved in a gradual manner but results will show a thorough impact on one’s shape and form.

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